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want to become lic agent in bangalore

LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) is the largest & only Government undertaking Life Insurance Company in India.

LIC is pride of India, Come join us to be a part of…

  • Most trusted brand in India
  • Asset Value more than 46 lakh crores
  • Life fund more than 41 lakh crores
  • More than 3000 offices across the country
  • More than 30 crores satisfied Policy holders
  • Only LIC policies are Government Guaranteed
  • Holds World record in Claim settlement
  • LIC present in 13 countries

LIC Agent Benefits

become lic agent in bangalore

LIC offers its Agents / Advisors highest Commissions, Unmatchable benefits & allowances among the Insurance sectors.

If U want to………….

  • Earn Unlimited Income
  • Be your own boss
  • Have an Identity
  • Individual business with No initial capital
  • Join highest earning profession in the world
  • Link with largest Insurer in India


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Do you want to become an LIC Insurance Agent in Bangalore?

Life insurance policies with insurance companies assure beneficiaries a sum of money, in exchange for premiums that are paid upon their death to the nearest kith and kin. Protection against financial loss resulting from premature death is of immense support to the family.This insurance is an essential benefit that helps look after people’s loved ones.

For most people who intend to get in touch with an insurance company, the insurance sales agent is essentially the first point of contact. Your job as an agent revolves around assisting individuals, families and businesses choose the right policy to financially protect their lives. With the increasing number of opportunities for LIC recruitment in Bangalore you too can specialize in selling LIC's life insurance policies. Get in touch with us on and we will be able to help you delve into the process of becoming a successful agent.

What can be a more fulfilling career than that of an LIC agent?

Many people today opt for insurance policies for themselves, because of the immense benefits they can avail. Becoming an LIC agent with one of the country’s most trusted insurance provider comes with its benefits which can be reaped for a lifetime. It is a great career opportunity, where an LIC agent can benefit from personal development and learning. As an agent, your job will involve assisting people and their families, and helping them choose the right policy to protect their families financially